Best April Fools’ Scenes: Featuring Four Bollywood Films

You know it is the first of April, when you’ve been fooled by your friends!
Bollywood has numerous prank scenes that will make you laugh until you cry. Today, let’s revisit four such movies that had the most amazing and mischievous acts.

Phir Hera Pheri 
If we talk about pranks, this film has to top the list. The trio - Raju, Babu bhaiya, and Ghanshyam makes the audience laugh till their stomachs hurt. One of the best pranks that they pulled off successfully was when they dressed up in the attire of jokers with guns at their neighbour’s doorstep. Acting as robbers dressed as jokers, they left a lasting impression on everyone’s minds. Not to forget Johnny Lever’s unbeatable comic timing, which added more masala to the hilarious prank.

Image source: IMDb

Bunty Aur Babli
The masterminds behind unbelievable pranks - Bunty and Babli, managed to fool a person into getting India’s gem, Taj Mahal. They cooked up a story and tricked a man to rent the monument. The duo missed no opportunity to fool him, and they earned loads of money through their act.