Eligibility for IIFA UTSAVAM Awards is subject to the eligibility criteria and rules mentioned below. IIFA UTSAVAM and the IIFA UTSAVAM advisory board reserve the right to implement additional rules with notification to applicants.


Eligibility for IIFA Utsavam is subject to the rules mentioned below and additional rules that may be approved by the Advisory Board.

  1. All eligible motion pictures that meet the following criteria (unless otherwise specified for any Awards)
    1. Feature length (defined as over 40 minutes)
    2. Publicly exhibited in theatres by means of 35 mm or 75 mm film
    3. For paid admission in a commercial motion picture in any city in India
    4. For a run of at least seven consecutive days
    5. Within the Awards year deadlines specified in Rule II
  2. Films that receive their public exhibition or distribution in any manner other than as a theatrical motion picture release will not be eligible for IIFA Utsavam in any category. (This includes broadcast and cable television, as well as home video marketing and internet transmission.)
  3. The application form will be eligible, only if filled and acknowledged by the producer of the said film. The producer, on behalf of the entire film production unit, will decide the Awards applied for and will provide the necessary paperwork as described in Rule I: point 4.
  4. The Academy requires a copy of official screen credits and the movie link, which require to be signed by the film producer, which shall also include:
    1. Full, complete and authentic credits along with movie link
    2. The name of the city, theatre in India where the film has played (any one)
    3. The name of the city, theatre and country of the international territory where the film has played (any one)
    4. The dates of the release of the film in India and the international territory supplied (as per mentioned above)
  5. It is mandatory that the producer informs the entire cast and crew of the nominations of the said film at the IIFA Utsavam.
  6. The producers should note that while filing the nominations, it is the responsibility of the producer to ensure that the nominees are present at the awards.
    In the case of nominee-absence, process validators / the IIFA management may decide the winner in that category.
  7. Eligibility for all Awards shall first be determined by credits as they appear onscreen and / or certified to the Academy by the producing companies, but the final determination in any event shall be made by the Academy. The Academy shall not be bound by any contract or agreement relating to the sharing or giving of credit, and reserves the right to make its own determination of credit for purpose of Award consideration.
  8. In the event of any dispute concerning credits, the Academy reserves the right to declare any achievement ineligible or, reject all claims to credits, list credits as being in controversy and withhold any Award until the dispute is resolved.
  9. There shall be no alteration in the print version shown in the registered territories upon which eligibility is based. Any such alteration will subject such achievement the risk of being declared ineligible by the Academy.
  10. The spoken language of films is the respective language in which the application is filled (Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam). Motion pictures dubbed in any of the languages will not be accepted as a valid entry.


  1. The required release in territories (described in Rule I: Point 1) must open between January 1st 2023 and midnight 31st December, 2023.
  2. All official screen credit forms along with the link of the movie must be submitted to the Academy by the closing date of the application.
  3. The closing date of the application will be informed to the production houses by IIFA Team.
  4. An achievement submitted for an IIFA Utsavam consideration may not be withdrawn after the closing date of application.


  1. The software acquired or provided shall become the property of the Academy, with the provision that the Academy shall use such footage towards fulfilment of IIFA objective.
  2. In submitting a film for the IIFA Utsavam consideration, the film’s owners are deemed to have conveyed to the Academy, the right to choose excerpts from the film at the Academy's sole discretion.


  1. Final decisions on all achievements shall be carried out as detailed under or as may be decided by the IIFA Advisory Board:
    1. Application forms to be submitted to the Academy (through the digital link).
    2. Select members of the film industry will be sent an invitation to cast their votes through a link and non-transferable access code by the IIFA Academy for a secret ballot voting process.
    3. List of eligible nominations to be published by the Academy.
    4. List of nominees for each Award to be released on iifa.com and through global media.
    5. Public voting shall be via the internet for Popular Categories post nominations being announced.
  2. In the nomination voting, tabulation of final ballots shall be according to the plurality system.
  3. In the event a nominated achievement is declared ineligible by the Academy, it shall not be replaced and the category will remain with one less nomination.
  4. In the event that a granted Award has been achieved in joint collaboration, each of the collaborators shall receive an Award trophy (unless the number of Awards especially limited by a category's special rules).
  5. A select set of popular awards will have nominations announced and the same would be put up for public voting on the iifa.com website and across social media platforms. The winners will be decided on the basis of a weighted average derived through industry voting and public voting.
  6. It is the responsibility of the studio/producer to ensure the nominee/s are available to attend the IIFA Utsavam ceremony. If a nominee is unavailable to attend then your nomination will be omitted and that place will be awarded to the next nominee in that category.
  7. For popular award nominees only, the nominee will be hosted for travel, accommodation and event invitation by IIFA UTSAVAM for any category. If there is more than one person in a team submission, then a maximum of two people will be permitted from that. Any additional members of a team or family/accompanying guests will be the responsibility of the nominee and seating will be provided subject to availability. The seating may not be in the same area as the nominee.
  8. The IIFA Utsavam Technical Awards will be nominated and voted for across all 4 language industries. The technical nominations will be voted for by the industry per category with all film entries submitted. They are not segregated by language.
  9. The final decision with regards to nominations, voting and winner’s remains with IIFA management and as per brand regulatory guidelines.