IIFA Through the Years

For the past 17 years, since the IIFA Weekend and Awards  came into being, so much has changed, so many people  influenced, countries explored and many new audience  added. Not only has the Indian Cinema expanded its wings  and explored new horizons, but it has also made stronger  bonds with new nations and made an intense connect with  Hollywood. After captivating audiences in 15 locations across 12 countries and 4 continents, the grandest celebration of Indian  Cinema arrived in New York city this year. The 18th annual edition of IIFA Weekend & Awards was hosted in New York, USA from July 13-15, 2017. The IIFA Weekend &  Awards are eagerly awaited and anticipated by fans around the world as they present the opportunity of a lifetime for guests to witness an action-packed weekend showcasing the best of Bollywood.
The IIFA Weekend celebrates Indian Cinema in its grandest form, with elements of culture, business, film,  fashion, entertainment and music from India. To make this celebration even more memorable & special, we offer you a range of tickets to suit your needs.


IIFA Timeline

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