World Cup fever reminds us of these movies

Are you ready to bleed blue this World Cup season?

We surely are! While you grab a tub of popcorn and your jersey to cheer the team with enthusiasm, we have a list of movie recommendations for you! 


Set in the British colonization phase, this film portrays a cricket challenge between the villagers and the Britishers. The evolution of villagers learning to play a game that is nothing but Gilli-Danda for them is incredible. Bhuvan and his teammates will definitely steal your hearts with their dedication in this film.


How can we forget the historical 1983 World Cup match?

Kapil Dev and his exceptional skills got India to the top of the list. If you didn’t get to witness this historical moment, then Kabir Khan has got your back with this film. This movie will give you goosebumps through several events that the Indian cricket team faces throughout the tournament.