What’s cooking with Saif Ali Khan?

Let’s revisit the time when Saif became a chef! IIFA made him go “wow” with a sushi cooking activity in 2017. 

He said, “I’ve never made sushi before. I was trained to make Italian food like spaghetti and Indian food for a film’s shoot.” With India’s renowned chef, Mr. Vikas Khanna, Saif prepared a tasty dish at the W Hotel, Times Square, New York.

Saif’s enthusiasm was in full swing as he understood the assignment. Grabbing an apron and his glasses, he was all set to make a sushi roll with lemon rice and avocado on the top. Before the meal preparations began, Vikas Khanna amazed us with some interesting news about avocado trees in India. 

As Saif learned to cut the fruit, he impressed us with his knife-handling skills. He truly looked like a professional alongside Vikas. Chop, chop, chop, and the duo finely cut avocados to make the sushi roll. Further, Vikas introduced us to pink lemon, yes you heard it right! We were equally surprised to hear that. He added that this unique variety grows only for two months.

What next? It was time for some beautiful plating and ta-da! The dish was ready. It looked mouth-watering for sure. Ending the activity on a sweet note, Saif met the winner of IIFA Super Chef. Saif could not help but indulge in the yummy food which he referred to as a “pan-Indian dish.”

Saif learned to make a delicious dish with IIFA, when are you making this dish?