What shopping with Shraddha Kapoor looks like?

Overpacked cupboard, but still nothing to wear, right? It is an “Us moment!” If there is one thing that we all cannot resist, it is definitely shopping!

Shraddha Kapoor completely agrees with that, as she spent her weekend in Malaysia shopping with IIFA in 2015. Who does not get excited to buy a new outfit? She was so overjoyed that she said, “I actually need three, four, five, six, seven, to eight dresses!”

While the lives of Bollywood stars are all boujee and lavish, Shraddha shared her father’s important tip for bargaining! The mantra is that if you can bargain somewhere, you should! Yes, we all do it, and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

There were too many options to choose from, but our star came across the perfect dress for her-a little black dress that never disappoints! The stunning stree chose to get her hands on that.

Let us tell you that it is entertaining and equally scary to shop with her! She unveiled a notorious side of hers at the billing counter. This goofy star took our host, Sana, by surprise with her prank. But it is all fun and games with her. She shared an extremely sweet and cute apology for her little mischief!

We had a fantastic shopping experience with her. Would you like to go on a shopping date with her too?