Top IIFA looks of Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushmann Khurrana is always known to turn heads wherever he goes with his amazing looks and charming presence. He usually wears classy and effortless outfits that truly bring out his style and personality. Read on to see the times he appeared at IIFA, looking dashing as ever.

Chic and Effortless 

In 2012, Khurrana sported a navy blue blazer with black pants, creating a classy and timeless look. He kept it simple yet suave by adding a black shirt and tie to the mix, proving that less is definitely more when it comes to style.

Timeless in Traditionals 

If you thought Ayushmann Khurrana could only pull off western looks, you haven't prepared yourself for his Indian looks! In 2013, Khurranna showed up in a classic black sherwani and a modern hairdo looking as dazzling as ever. He added a hint of colour to his all-black outfit by opting for bright blue buttons on his sherwani. 

Bold in Black 

In 2015, Ayushmann Khurrana donned an all black outfit with a hint of red peeking through creating a classic look with a modern touch. He kept the rest of his look simple and chic by opting for a sleek hairstyle and elegant black shoes.