Throwback To 5 Times When Stars Danced Gracefully At IIFA

One of the biggest sources of entertainment at IIFA is the dance performance, and our stars uplift everyone’s mood with their fantastic dancing skills. Every year, celebrities capture their fans’ attention with their dance moves on IIFA’s stage! Let us have a look at some of these stars!

Hrithik Roshan
The Greek God of B-town is one of the best dancers! At IIFA 2016, he delivered a jaw-dropping performance, and everyone applauded for him loudly.

Anushka Sharma
From the time she entered B-town, she has gained everyone’s affection due to her graceful dancing! Her expressions are always on point, and she even delivered a beautiful dance act at IIFA 2015.

Akshay Kumar
He is multi-talented! From grooving to Singh Is Kinng to Sauda Khara Khara, he has been the audience’s favourite. At IIFA 2008, he shone brightly with his performance on stage!