Movies that will rejuvenate hope in your life

Finding motivation and boosting our spirits can sometimes be so tricky that we need to look for a source that could revive our hopes. Here are a few films that can make you feel hopeful and offer you a fresh outlook on how to live your life:

1. Bhaag Miljha Bhaag

One of the best sports biopics based on the life of the "flying Sikh" Milkha Singh. Despite facing so many ups and downs in his life this man never gave up. Leaving behind a message that no matter what trouble you are facing, keep hope and faith in your vision. 

2. 3 Idiots 
A story about engineering students confronting difficulties caused not just by the education system but also by their parents' decisions. A light-hearted movie like this allows you to look at life from a different perspective so you can always say, "All is well"

3. Dear Zindagi 
Motivation cannot be maintained solely based on our perception of life. Every day is different, and some days are better than others. The world is full of great people and there are some that we should keep our distance from. This movie is an amalgamation of emotions and a lesson that one should learn in order to stay motivated in life.