Mili - A never before seen concept for thrill seekers

Starring Jhanvi Kapoor, Mili is a remake of Helen directed by the same director Mathukutty Xavier. The film's trailer was widely appreciated by the audience, especially Jhanvi`s performance. Here are a few reasons why you should watch Mili in movie theatres near you.

1. Jhanvi`s stellar performance

Jhanvi has always been the criticism's favourite when it comes to delivering impactful performances. She has grown enormously as an actor and her recent performances are the best response. In Mili, Jhanvi's character is stuck in the freezer of the restaurant where she works and struggles for survival.

2. Survival Thriller
Bollywood hasn't witnessed many survival thrillers in recent times. The original film Helen still rules the heart of its audience and director Mathukutty Xavier won a National Award for it. The plot of the film and Jhanvi's credible performance will transport the audience into a whirlwind of emotion, excitement and suspense. Wait till we see how Bollywood's audience reacts.