Let’s Celebrate 10 Years of 2 States

The film that made everyone fall in love with Krish and Ananya’s story turned ten! Yes, you heard that right. Time flew soon, but this is still one of those movies that everyone enjoys watching on repeat.

Romantic plot
The story portrays an incredible relationship between Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor’s character. From classmates to life partners, their love story keeps everyone engaged and excited with each scene. Although there are several scenes where they face challenges convincing their families to make everything work, in the end, their love wins, which has been conveyed beautifully.

Image source: YouTube (Dharma Productions)

Outstanding cast
Apart from the lead roles played by Alia and Arjun, the other actors also nailed their roles! Amrita Singh and Ronit Roy delivered excellent performances. They conveyed the story of a typical Indian household, which made it more relatable for the audience.