IIFA Winners of the Past 5 Years For Best Picture

Camera rolling… and action!

Bringing a script to life on a big screen requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Every filmmaker ensures that the cast, the background score, the music, and the dialogue delivery are on point. The audience must immerse themselves in the plot and feel every aspect of the story. If a film delivers emotionally, it becomes everyone’s favourite!

Every year at IIFA, we honour such cinematic masterpieces. Let’s look at five films from the past five years that won an IIFA award for “Best Picture.”

Drishyam 2
While the first part of Drishyam was exciting, the second one was equally amazing. The film kept the audience waiting for the climax! From the cast’s acting skills to the storyline, everything was mind-blowing. At IIFA 2023, this film was titled the best picture.