Horror movies in Bollywood that will surely give you chills!

Don’t you wish your Monday morning blues would vanish into thin air, the way ghosts do after tossing people around like pancakes? Traditional Bollywood is quite famous for its romantic movies and epic family sagas, and we love Bollywood for its sheer authenticity and its portrayal of love and belonging. However, Horror is one such genre that has been perfectly captured and portrayed by many artists. The way it has adapted itself and shaped up over the years is nothing short of spectacular.

We bring to you a list of absolute nail-biting and spine chilling horror dramas that will throw you off for their horror scenes, well not literally! So here's our short disclaimer: Stick to your sofa tightly and keep looking around as you hear creaking doors and windows while you watch these epic horror movies on TV at night, alone! 

Mahal | 1949

One of the finest films of Indian cinema. Produced under the banner of Bombay Talkies and directed by Kamal Amrohi as his directorial debut. This film is about a young man who moves into a grand mansion only to discover details about his past life and a scorned lover trying to make amends and reunite with him. This movie proved to be a humongous success among the audience and paved the way for Indian horror cinema.

Jaani Dushman | 1979

The list would have been incomplete without the inclusion of a psychological thriller that can send chills down your spine. An entire village is gripped by fear as there's a report of numerous brides being murdered on their wedding day. With a stellar cast and amazing line-up of songs by maestros such as Mohammad Rafi, this one is not to be missed.

Raaz | 2002

Come 2000s and the Indian cinema started coming of age by adapting new storylines and powerful direction. One such iconic horror movie is Raaz. Directed by Vikram Bhatt and unofficially based on the popular supernatural thriller ‘What Lies Beneath’ the movie is unparalleled in its timing and stupendous screenplay. Bipasha Basu, the lead actress of the movie stuns the audience with her portrayal of Sanjana.  The movie amassed generous love from the audience and wows people even today.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa | 2007

The motion picture is directed by Priyadarshan and is written by Neeraj Vora, Manish Korde and the original story is a creation of Madhu Muttam.

This drama is a superb achievement in terms of the portrayal of characters done in as real a way possible. The character portrayal of Avni Chaturvedi by Vidya Balan is beyond words. The movie ends with a scientific explanation in a striking contrast to the horrific turmoil shown and faced by the ‘haveli’ dwellers. Manjulika - the ghost described in the script went to become a popular household name after the release of this film.