Farhan Akhtar's Directorial Journey

Farhan Akhtar might be better known as an actor but he also has some incredible under his directorial belt. Akhtar really knows and appreciates the craft of direction, and that shows in the movies that he has put out. Read ahead to look at four movies directed by Farhan Akhtar.

Farhan Akhtar really brought out the director in him with the iconic Don. With interesting visuals, a gripping storyline, and well-written dialogues, the actor-director showed the audience what he brings to the table.

Source: IMDb

Don 2
A sequel to the iconic Don, Farhan Akhtar showed us he is not a one-time director. With a stellar cast and an equally gripping storyline as the first Don, Don 2 really showed us that Farhan Akhtar as a director is here to stay.

Source: Prime Video

A story about an aimless young man who joins the Indian Army on a whim, Lakshya is one of Farhan Akhtar’s finest directorial works. With a marvellous performance by Hrithik Roshan, this movie really takes off and engages you as soon as it starts.