Celebrating 10 Years of Highway

Now and then, you watch a movie, and after it ends, you know it was special. Highway was a moving and special movie. 

Read ahead to celebrate ten years of this beautiful film by looking back at what made it what it is.

An Exceptional Story 
With an occasionally violent but equally emotional plotline, Highway knows what it’s about. The movie does not shy away from showing hard truths, keeping the audience hooked to every scene. The ending is hard-hitting, and makes the movie as memorable as it is today.

Source: IMDb

Alia Bhatt’s Phenomenal Performance 
In her second film, right after Student of the Year, Alia Bhatt took a major risk in playing such an emotional and complex character as Veera. She delivered big time with one of the most honest and raw performances that took the movie to a different level. Her dialogue delivery, spot-on expressions, and overall charm gave Highway that special touch.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

Randeep Hooda’s Genius 
We cannot talk about Alia Bhatt’s performance without talking about Randeep Hooda’s. Playing an intense and violent character with a very guarded soft heart, Randeep Hooda acted with his eyes and expressions. The actor’s grasp over the local accent was immense, making his dialogue delivery seem authentic. Hooda’s Mahabir was the perfect contrast to Bhatt’s Veera, bringing out the best in both.

Source: The Hindu

Imtiaz Ali: A Master of his Craft 
Imtiaz Ali, like any other director, has a signature style. With Highway, the director reached new heights in storytelling with a brilliant script, beautiful cinematography, and the perfect casting. You can’t help but notice his magic in this film.