Bollywood songs that will give you goosebumps!

Music has the power to uplift your spirits when you are feeling down in the dumps. It can also give you a sense of companionship when you feel lonely. Some songs have the power to fill you with adrenaline and make you ready to conquer the world. These songs should have a permanent place in your playlist for a boost of energy when you are feeling the midday slump. 

1.Chak De India title track: 

Chak De India is a film that inspires you to take control of your destiny through a discredited player trying to coach an underdog hockey team to victory. The title track will put you in a great mood and make you buckle down to have a productive day. 

2.Lakshya title track: 

Lakshya’s title song will leave a significant impact on your life. The song encapsulates the journey of a clueless person transforming into a goal-oriented individual perfectly and will give you goosebumps as you are listening to it. 

3.Roobaroo from Rang De Basanti:

Rang De Basanti is a musical masterpiece. All the songs in the film fit the mood of the scene and do a great job at enhancing the emotional impact of the scene. Roobaroo does the same thing before the climax of the movie is revealed. The song will put your mind at ease and highlights the transformation of the characters in the film.