Bollywood movies that portrayed the life of a common man/middle class family effortlessly

Bollywood has come a long way from being centred around an affluent protagonist to talking about the common man and portraying their struggles on the silver screen. Over the years, a revolution that slice-of-life films brought to the screen is the treatment with which they approach this subject matter. We bring to you a list of such movies based on the lives of the simple, uncomplicated common middle-class family:

  1. Chak De India

    A first of its kind, this sports movie is based on the life of a disgraced Indian hockey coach who trains and helps the women’s hockey team to bag a gold in the Commonwealth games. The movie is replete with women players coming from middle-class households such as that of the character of Vidya, who faces challenges head on. It was a hit amongst the masses.

  1. Dangal

    Another coming of age sports movie that highlights and stresses upon the effect right parenting and a shift in perspective can bring. In this case how a common man from a very humble background, trains his daughters with so much grit and discipline. Championing womanhood and smashing stereotypes one scene at a time, this movie set the bar really high.

  1. Tumhari Sulu

    A middle-class Indian homemaker achieves all her dreams and her life begins to drastically change. For the better or for the worse? You’ll have to watch to find out. It will leave you with a changed perspective towards Indian women.