Bollywood movies that broke our hearts with their tragic endings

Cinema and movies have the amazing and rare quality to transport us into a different world and a dreamy state of mind. It's all the more wonderful when the movie ends on a good and hopeful note, with our favourite closing song playing in the background, making us cry happy tears. 

What strikes us the most and leaves us speechless though, are movies that end on an unusual note, that are often sad and heart-breaking at the end, but do tell a really good, believable story.

We bring to you some of the most popular Bollywood movies with the most tragic endings:

  1. Ghajini

    The movie that took the country by storm, Ghajini begins as just another romantic drama unfolding gradually between two characters who are poles-apart in their personalities but takes a sudden twist when one of them gets killed by goons. What unfolds later will definitely make you grab a box of tissues.

  1. Kal Ho Naa Ho

    Aman falls in love with Naina, only to let her go, forever. With his future in total obscurity, he vows to find true love for Naina, someone who loves her genuinely. Replete with so many emotional scenes, the movie is truly an unforgettable one.

  1. Rang De Basanti

    A group of happy-go-lucky friends define friendship goals when they each stand by each other in the fight against the opponent and to avenge the death of one of their friends. The movie will leave you teary eyed at every scene in the second half of the movie.