10 Bollywood movies that will change your life

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When it comes to Bollywood movies, a little exaggeration in the plot and the dramatisation of characters is the norm. However, there are some films that managed to balance the message. These films have a different way of approaching their subject matter and once you are out of theatre they still play on your mind until you rewatch them for the feel-good factor. These Bollywood movies will definitely change your life when you watch them and hone in on the message they want to portray. 

1. Rang De Basanti:

Rang De Basanti highlighted the role of the youth in the political climate of the country with the help of young freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh. The film starts off with a group of carefree, rebellious college students who are cruising through life without giving a second thought to how they can have an impact on the politics of the country, until tragedy strikes in the form of death. The movie then shifts from a light-hearted film to a serious, heart-wrenching tone and will certainly affect the way you look at the big picture. 

2. OMG-Oh My God: 

OMG was received with great adoration at the box office. The film revolves around an atheist Kanji Lalji Mehta who sues God for damages to his only source of livelihood due to an earthquake. The film tries to combat superstition and how blind beliefs can hamper your well-being. 

3. Dil Dhadakne Do: 

Dil Dhadakne Do is highly underrated and is the perfect film to embody the phrase “Money can’t buy happiness”. The story of an affluent family, who are divided by their own egos but later come to realise that family is the only constant in your life. If you are feeling blue about not having enough in your bank account, Dil Dhadakne Do will pull you out of your funk. 

4. Pink: 

‘No means No’. Pink did a great job of highlighting victim-blaming in a sexual assault and how traumatizing it can be. In an intense courtroom drama, Pink also addresses the way society perceives women when they go out at night or dress the way they want to.

5. Ki and Kaa: 

Although Ki and Kaa could not deliver well at the box office, it broke the conventional roles of breadwinner and homemaker. Portraying the man in a domestic setting and the woman as an ambitious professional, Ki and Kaa will change how you perceive gender roles. 

6. Swades: 

Everybody has the dream of working at a high-paying job and settling abroad for the rest of their life. But how many people do not contribute to the brain drain and instead use their skills for the good of the rural parts of the country? Swades will inspire you to live in your homeland and use your unique skills to contribute to the betterment of the country. 

7. Table No. 21: 

Table No. 21 has been slowly getting its due among the audience. The film addresses the sensitive subject of bullying from a different perspective. The film highlights that humiliating someone as a joke can soon escalate into dire consequences through a series of shocking tasks presented to a couple who are in desperate need of money. 

8. Vicky Donor: 

Vicky Donor was the film that gave us the acting genius of Ayushmann Khurrana. The film is light-hearted with an incredible message at the end. The film touches upon infertility and how society ridicules people who cannot produce biological children of their own. The film also shows how adoption can change the lives of both the parents and the children. 

9. Udaan: 

Udaan addressed the subject of abuse and the pressure that is put on children to perform exceptionally well in their academics right from their formative years. Udaan will hit you right in the feels and will also open your eyes to the education system that places emphasis solely on grades. 

10. Chak De! India: 

‘Teamwork makes the dream work’, this is exactly what Chak De! India wants to drive home. Through the journey of the underdog women’s hockey team, the film teaches us that with enough dedication, you can scale even the tallest mountain. The evolving teamwork among the girls and the sacrifices they make for the team will give you goosebumps. 

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