10 Hera Pheri Dialogues that perfectly summed up your lockdown 2020 experience

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On this day, last year, Janta Curfew was announced, and we were all optimistic about the quarantine just lasting for 21 days. If only we knew what an eventful lockdown it would be.

We were stuck at home, doing the same mundane things every day. With streaming platforms acting as our saviour, and Hera Pheri quickly became our most favoured choice to relax.

We have compiled a list of dialogues from Hera Pheri that perfectly summed up your lockdown 2020 experience!

1. "Main sirf chawal banuga, aur sirf dal banaunga lekin tadka main nahi lagaunga!"

Me when I was forcefully assigned on cooking duty.

2. "Yeh sab humare saath hi kyu hua!"

Literally everyone, every day during the entire lockdown!

3. "Main tumhara hi intezaar kar raha tha, bolo kab aur kahan."

Everyone when PM Narendra Modi would address the nation to announce a task.

4. "Khel ekdum simple hai, lekin hai mazedaar."

Me when I had to explain to my friends how to play Among Us

5. "Woh mein mast tel mein fry karke, woh mein kha gaya!"

The time we stocked up food for the entire month all to finish eating it all in 5 days!

6. "Raju: Dekha dekha...
Baburao: Arey nai dekha re! Uske dekhne se pehle hi maine phatt se dhoti pehen liya!"

Me placing the laptop at the correct angle to attend the zoom call in shorts.

7. "Kyu be overacting karta hai saala overacting ki aulad"

Me to that one colleague who said yes to working on the weekend! Beware of such colleagues!

8. "Kyun na hum ek khel khele!"

Me trying to convince my friends to play one more game of Ludo King at 3 am.

9. "Leene gaye the bees aur leke aaye chaalis"

Me after hoarding all the maggie packets available in my area.

10. "Dekh tere ko bhi dukh hai, isko bhi dukh hai, aur mere ko bhi ek chota sa dukh hai."

Every best friend group after 12 am when someone asked aur kya haal chaal!

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