Top action scenes in Bollywood movies

Posted 4 months ago Posted 4 months ago

Glowing with pride as the biggest unit of Indian cinema, Bollywood is a century-old film industry that entertains the Indian folk with movies of varying styles and including famous action films. It is to no one’s amazement that Bollywood movies take pride in the fact that they feature some of the most over the top action scenes and special effects ever featured.

Here’s a look at some of the best action scenes that took place in Bollywood movies:

1. Singham

The 'Ajay Devgn'- Kajal Aggarwal starrer movie has some of the very entertaining action scenes of Bollywood. Although it is tough to choose a single best scene from the movie, the scene where a small boy complains to Ajay that a group of thugs is bullying his mother could be considered the best. Singham is filled with emotions and rage from hearing his plea that at the moment he pulls out a lamp post with his hand and runs towards the jeep. After catching up, he crashes the lamp on a thug’s head and kicks the jeep to a halt. After a lot of banging, the thugs are thrashed in khaki style with a police belt. This is a scene that you surely must check out.

2. Robot

How can a list of action scenes be complete without Rajinikanth featuring in it? Though the superstar has many action scenes to his credit, the wild climax scene of Robot is on another level. The scene portrays hundreds of villain Chitti (Rajini) robots aligning themselves to create 3D models of orbs, rods, and snakes firing gunshots with its fangs, drills to drill the land deep and fists destroying everything in its way. The graphics employed in the movie are outstanding. Be assured, the scene will definitely give you goosebumps.

3. Ghajini

This movie had a unique storyline than the rest, describing the life of a multimillionaire who is a short term memory loss patient and seeks to avenge the death of his lady love. The action scenes incorporated in the movie are massive and Aamir Khan had done all justice to it. The climax fight where he pours out his anger and loathing on the villain is beyond description. The movie deserves an ovation and has indeed rocked the box office.

4. Rowdy Rathore

Akshay Kumar is known for his fighting prowess and giving us amazing action scenes film after film. But the scenes in Rowdy Rathore are considered one of his best. The smash-hit movie has a lot of fight scenes and all of them got loud whistles and claps in the theatre. Especially the scene where Akshay Kumar saves Sonakshi Sinha and the little girl and meets the villain’s brother on the way has too much well-deserved action. The villain gives a hard fight but our hero is Akshay Kumar after all. He finishes off the villain with style.

5. Dabangg

Salman Khan who is considered the Robin Hood of Indian Cinema has performed his role in the hit franchise Dabangg with absolute class. His style in the action scenes are worth mentioning and deserve a big round of applause. The villain Sonu Sood has given Salman Khan a tough competition in both body building and fighting. The climax scene pulls the cord where both muscular hulks meet in the open.