10 Reasons We Love Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Posted 11 months ago Posted 11 months ago

The stunning and Bollywood’s flawless queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan turns 46 today. She has created a legacy for herself, from being the reigning diva in Bollywood, creating a global standing and just being ever so gorgeous! This diva has time and again left us lovestruck with just how she is. Here are 10 reasons (we think these might be less) of why we love her so much. Read on.

She is super versatile and confident.
She has pulled off diverse roles in movies from portrayals in Taal, Jodha Akbar, Dhoom 2 and her memorable performance in Provoked.

When she dances, we can just stop and stare in awe.
From Kajra Re to her racy dance moves in Dhoom, Aishwarya has always made her dance speak for her.

Who can not fall head over heels in love with her eyes?
We could stare deep into her stunning green eyes all day long, tbh.

She is the epitome of grace.
Tell us one person who can carry off anything and everything like her. Know anyone? We’ll wait.

She is a total SASS Queen.
Even Karan Johar falls short of comebacks when she sits in front of him.

Her friendship with Preity Zinta is BFF goals.
The two divas have stood up for each other from their early days in Bollywood and we dig their friendship.

She has proven that after marriage, an actress can still hold her place like a queen.
It’s impressive how she manages to do everything so effortlessly, from managing her home, baby and her career.

She is a global icon.
From representing India at Cannes, the MET Gala and starring in popular Hollywood films like Pink Panther and Pride and Prejudice, she has always taken on global domination.

She creates the life she wants.
Aishwarya keeps inspiring us by doing things rather than just speaking of doing them.

She makes us believe we are worth it.
Be you, do you and just believe you are worth it Aishwarya because we know you are!

All we can say is ‘Crazy Kiya Re, Aishwarya’. Happy Birthday!

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