4 times Sidharth Malhotra’s characters were super relatable

Posted 6 months ago Posted 6 months ago

Ever since his smashing debut in Karan Johar’s student of the year, Delhi boy Siddharth Malhotra has made his way into our hearts as the eternal,charming boy next door. Handsome, intense, fun and immensely relatable, he has a myriad of movies to his credit and has wowed us with his versatility everytime.

Today, we pick out four of his characters that resonated with us and are a reflection of most millenials out there!

  1. Abhimanyu in SOTY

As the middle class but ambitious boy, Sid wowed us all in his debut. Whether it was losing the competition for his bestfriend or getting the girl, we were with him in it, all along.

2. Arjun in Kapoor and Sons

As the second son trying to find his voice and space in a dysfunctional family full of chaotic pasts and rivalries, we totally sympathised with Arjun and saw in him a little bit of us.

3. Hasee toh Phasee

His character Nikhil, who’s struggling to set his career straight while balancing a committed relationship he is inherently unsure of, has been all of us at some point in our lives.

4. Baar Baar Dekho

The Brilliant Boy next door, Jai’s  conflict of choice between his future and the love of his life is something most of us have been through. Malhotra made us root for him through all the bad decision-making because  all of us deserve a second chance right?

Sid proves to be one of the finer actors in bollywood, and nobody could've played these characters with as much diligence as he did! Do you think so too? Let us know in the comments below!