11 most shocking plot twists in movies we never saw coming

Posted 2 months ago Posted 2 months ago

There are some movies where we can see the ending coming from a mile away. The plot twists of other films, however, are unpredictable and unexpected. Here are 11 films whose plot twists we never saw coming.

Read ahead with caution if you have not seen these films.


The most jaw-dropping moment in this film is when you realise that Vidya Bagchi has been pretending to be pregnant the whole time! You will gasp at the finale of this film as she has been on a mission to avenge her husband's death all along.


While the entire film is a roller coaster of a ride, the big reveal is when you find out where Ajay Devgn's character has hidden the body. The cheeky and untraceable hiding place of the body will have you applauding the sheer talent of the writers. 


This is one film you can watch multiple times without truly knowing if the protagonist is blind or not. Despite all the punches the film packs, there is another massive punch at the end when the supposedly blind man uses his stick to kick aside a can. 

Karthik Calling Karthik

It is one of the best psychological thrillers to come out of Bollywood, with Karthik's caller being Karthik himself! At the end of the film, we find out that Farhan Akhtar’s character is suffering from schizophrenia, due to which he is leaving creepy phone calls for himself.


In this thriller of a film, the real shock isn't finding out how the murder took place. Instead, it is when you find out how Naina has been tricked into confessing she was the murderer all along! 


The heartbreaking moment in this film is when Vikram confesses to the officer that he is the one who murdered Shekhar and Katherine. The twist, however, is that he confesses when he is boarding a flight back to London, rendering officer Dev unable to do anything about it.


The big reveal about the serial killer in this film will shock you! It turns out that Urmila Matondkar’s character has run away from a mental hospital, killing people at large. That is one reveal you won’t see coming.


In this thriller, you will be at the edge of your seat, trying to figure out who the culprits are. Even when you do find out, there is another big reveal waiting for you. Kareena Kapoor’s character is, in fact, the spirit of a dead prostitute, who was helping Aamir Khan’s character solve the murder.

Special 26

The most surprising moment of this film is when Jimmy Shergill and Divya Dutta’s characters go from Manoj Bajpayee's group to Akshay Kumar's group. The cherry on the top is seeing the shocked expression on Manjoy Bajpayee's character's face. A masterpiece ending! 


This is another film with deception at the end when you find out that Aishwarya Rai has been helping Ajay Devgn the entire time. It truly serves as an ironic moment when Akshay Kumar’s dialogue "Yeh neeli aankhein marwaayengi" comes true! 


This film has one of the most epic final scenes when you find out that Kajol has been the person in the leather jacket and denims all along. On top of it, you get a cinematic masterpiece during her confrontation with Manisha Koirala’s character!