5 Songs of Arijit Singh that will definitely make you cry!

Music is a powerful tool to unleash your emotions. It makes us fall in love, breaks our heart and makes us cry all over again. When these songs are sung by Arijit Singh they hit different. His voice touches your heart and heightens your emotions to make you cry like a baby. If a good cry is what you are looking for, then here are 5 songs by Arijit Singh that will definitely make you cry.

Tera Yaar Hoon Main: There are a number of songs sung about the bond between friends, but ‘Tera Yaar Hoon Main’ takes the limelight. It highlights the pain of separation between two friends. So if you are missing your friends, this song will definitely make you weep.


Muskurane: We all have that special person in our life, who is the reason we smile in odd places. Their name surfaces all the sweet memories and makes us miss the time you spent together. Dedicated to them, ‘Muskurane’ by Arijit Singh is bound to remind you of those sweet memories.