5 Disha Patani Looks We Can’t Get Enough Of

Disha Patani always has us fawning over her!
The actress never fails to impress us with her spectacular outfits and gorgeous looks. Read ahead and look back on five of them with us!

Shining in Satin 
Satin never suited anyone better!
Patani looked gorgeous in a red satin dress and fans adored the pictures she put on her Instagram. 

Sparkly Glamour
Shimmery Patani is our favourite!
The actress rocked a shimmery dress with hair and makeup that perfectly complemented the look. She framed her photo interestingly, with her outfit visible in the mirror. 

Golden in Indian 
Yeh nazakat!
Disha Patani pulled off ethnic wear with heavy jewellery in this look. The actress seemed ethereal in her photos as if she had stepped out of a dreamy movie set. 

Left on Red
Glistening in red is her second nature!
Patani looked fabulous in her red two-piece. With long, wavy hair and really interesting heels, the actress had all our attention. 

Sari not Sorry
This is your moment if you were waiting to see her in a sari!
In a beautiful peach-coloured sari paired with a gorgeous blouse, Patani looked absolutely stunning.