10 dialogues from Tamasha that showcase the reality of today's world

The most dramatic yet relatable movie of 2015, Tamasha carved its own niche into the audience’s minds and left an indelible impression that's always fondly remembered. We can almost taste the waters of a distant fresh water pond of Corsica as Deepika and Ranbir just casually take a sip from the same. Let's take a walk down memory lane and visit our most favourite dialogues from this epic tale of friendship, parenthood drama, music and love, which tells us a bit more about today’s world.

  1. “Andar se kuch aur hi hain hum. Aur bahar se - majboor.”

    Nothing speaks volumes about today’s youth and their myriad of confusions and opinions as this dialogue by Ved does.

  1. “Mujhe tumhara naam tak nahi pata. Koi umeed nahi hai ki mai tumse phir se miloongi. Magar main tumhare saath hoon. Ye possible hai? Aisa feel karna?”

    The emotional and dramatic scene where Deepika as Tara unravels what she loves most about Ved- his wit, charm and humour which set him apart from everyone else, all while denying his proposal for marriage.

  1. “Wo toh acting thi naa. Wo mai role play kar raha tha. Aur ye mai real mei hoon.”

    The way Ved tries to explain to Tara, what he is and has become, since the two lead characters met in the storyline. The sheer innocence and authenticity with which this dialogue has been delivered, it just hits the spot.