The IIFA Weekend & Awards– IIFA Awards Extravaganza


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IIFA Awards Extravaganza

Moments of anticipation. Moments of joy.

It’s the celebration of Indian Cinema. The International Indian Film Academy. Propelling Indian Cinema to glorious pinnacles beyond Indian shores. And the journey has just begun. The journey of IIFA. Celebrating Indian Cinema across the world.

As global cinema rapidly emerges, a prominent place for Indian Cinema is reserved. IIFA constantly endeavours to showcase to the world the wealth of talent Indian Cinema has to offer. Year on year, each IIFA experience is even more stunning than the one before. From its inception, IIFA has been creating bonds – between people, between film industries, between countries. What started out as a one-night Awards ceremony has grown into a three-day Weekend full of fun, glamour and entertainment.

For IIFA, it’s Footprint World.


IIFA Timeline

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