About IIFA–IIFA & The Film Industry

The IIFA Awards have been established to recognize, honour and celebrate the achievements of the Indian film industry in the arena of world cinema.The IIFA Awards evening is a glamorous stage production combining the best of Indian and international entertainment. As a prelude to the awards the media are treated to a red carpet special as the walk out in glitz and glamour giving the world media a glimpse of what beholds.

IIFA celebrates India Cinema across the world. As global cinema rapidly emerges, a prominent place for Indian Cinema is reserved. IIFA constantly endeavours to showcase to the world the wealth of talent Indian Cinema has to offer. Year on year, each IIFA experience is even more stunning than the one before.

From its inception, IIFA has been creating bonds.between people, between film industries, between countries. Starting with a venue as defining as the Millennium Dome, on the outskirts of London, IIFA fever gripped the world. During the week of IIFA, Indian Cinema was news on the hour across all television channels. The London Times headline screamed: “Move Over LA. Here Comes Mumbai.” It was here that Angelina Jolie proclaimed, “I just learned about these films and people, and I was just blown away!” and Jackie Chan pleaded, “I really want to make Indian films and I believe today there are a lot of directors and producers. Invite me, I am not only good for comedy, action and stunts, I am a very good singer and I am not very expensive.” In the subsequent years, the IIFA Awards grew from a one-night event into a three-day Weekend, wherein the IIFA Awards are the highlight.

Wherever IIFA has left its mark, it has promoted the business of Indian Cinema and provided it an impetus. The sale of tickets of Hindi cinema grew by thirty five percent in the UK in the six months after IIFA. In South Africa, Hindi films moved from matinee shows on weekends to mainline theatres and now there are competing distribution chains vying for the rights to exhibit Hindi films across Africa. In Malaysia, there was an increase in the value of rights for Indian Cinema and the collection from exhibition and sale of non-pirated DVDs increased by more than 50 percent. The number of Indian visitors to Malaysia has risen by 35 percent and Indian occupancy at Genting Highlands rose by 190 percent in the year after IIFA. In 2004, the doors were opened for Indian filmmakers to film in Singapore.


IIFA Timeline

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